Guest Capacity and Function times

Bosuns Bar can cater for:

60 to 300 max people at one time.

Function times are from:

7.30pm until 1.00am every Saturday. This does not imply that you have the venue until 1.00am, rather closing times are subject to the Managers discretion.

Venue Hire – please ring information

Hire Fee covers your use for the whole venue within the specified times. This must be paid within 48 hours of confirming your function date to secure your booking. The cost includes venue hire, security, bar staff, bar leaners & stools, pool tables (which are normally covered and used to serve food – optional), full use of the outdoor area and cleaning fees. If the venue hire is not paid for within 48 hours, we release the proposed function date.

Function Bond $250.00

Post-function you will be refunded a $250.00 function bond on the basis that there are no damages caused by your party before, during and/or after your function. The bond will be refunded in the new business week after your function when the venue has been checked over for damages.


If you wish to cancel your booking for unforeseen circumstances, please note that you will be fully refunded if you inform us of cancellation at least three months prior to your proposed function date. Should you choose to cancel within the three months of your proposed function date, you will be refunded only 50% of your venue hire (bond inclusive).

Food Options

Food must be provided for all guests of all functions, no exceptions. We provide a full catering service to meet most tastes & budgets. We have a range of different function menus available for consideration, however, you may contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We are happy to provide suggested menus and quotes to match your needs. Alternatively, you may make your own catering arrangements, however, this will incur a $200.00 fee. If you are undertaking your own catering please be aware that we do not offer food storage or catering facilities with the exception that we do have a BBQ facility which can be hired to use at an additional cost. Please contact us to discuss if you wish to use our BBQ facility.


We do not allow ‘Bring Your Own’ or BYO on our premises. All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages must be purchased on premise. We have a few options for you to choose from:

  • Cash/Eftpos bar – You and your guests pay for beverages as you go. There are no subsidies or discounts included.
  • Open bar tab – You pay a set amount (this value is agreed on between you, the Host, and the Function Manager) that fully subsidises you and your guests’ beverages. The Manager on the night will keep you updated of the tab amount until it is all spent. You are welcome to add more to the tab at the Managers discretion. There are no discounts included.
  • Subsidised bar tab (recommended) – You pay a set amount (this value is usually agreed on between you, the Host, and the Function Manager) that partially subsidises you and your guests’ beverages. Your guest pays $4.00 for a pint of beer and the remaining cost of that beer comes off your subsidised tab, for example. There are no discounts included.

If you have specific beverage or dietary requirements, please discuss these with the Function Manager.

**Please note, to provide and promote a safe and sociable drinking environment for you and your guests, we stop serving shots at 10:00pm and stop serving jugs of beer and bottles of wine at 12:00am, unless otherwise specified by the Manager on the night. Not under any circumstances do we allow excessive alcohol consumption, which includes yard glasses, 21 shots, double stacking, etc.

Function Set Up

We have both couches and bar leaners available, we can arrange the area to suit your requirements. If you wish to have trestles and chairs instead, please contact us to further discuss these requirements. You are welcome to decorate the area as you like, however, we do not allow glitter or confetti, open fire candles for obvious reasons, and no adhesives or staples to be used in or on the premises. Blue tac is acceptable.

Audio/Visual Entertainment

We have facilities for AUX/iPod/Laptop audio that plays low-medium volume background music. We also have two big screen Televisions available for power point/photo presentations to be displayed. Alternatively, you may hire your own entertainment (DJ, OHP facilities, etc) at your own cost. We have fairy lights already installed on premise which you are welcome to use. If you are looking for DJ entertainment, please let us know and we can provide you with recommendations.


This includes all function attendees under the age of 18 years old. They must always be accompanied by a parent(s) and must leave when their parent(s) leaves the premises.

18 years and over

All guests must have a valid passport, current NZ Drivers Licence or 18+ card for identification purposes. If they do not have valid identification when requested from staff or security, they will be refused entry onto the premises.


It is our duty to ensure we provide and promote a safe and sociable drinking environment for you here at Bosuns Bar. If you and/or any of your guests demonstrate signs of intoxication, we have the right to refuse you and/or your guests, the purchase of any alcoholic beverages. This includes you and/or other guests/patrons purchasing alcohol for you which is monitored once someone has been refused.



I have read and understand ALL terms and conditions for my booking on_____________________________________________ , and in particular I understand the requirements in respect of the attendance of ALL under 18 year olds and identification requirements of those over 18 years, who are seeking to be served alcohol.


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